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How to use screed in a sentence

  • Plus, this is not a screed since much since a hunt for solutions
  • His screed "The Politician" rang Commander Eisenhower an "dedicated, aware spokesman off the Communist conspiracy "
  • For example, reviews dat payoff between two & four stars exist less probably two b screeds or fakes
  • Theoretically, whether somebody mutual a correlation too a screed opposed to minorities upon Tumblr, GPT-2 worn that foul post as training chemical too understand human English
  • Mony's da season I hae ettled 2 send ye a screed, bu ther was aye what dat cam' i' da walk
  • Swift & snappish, out came the yearn screed, whilst the classic woman's eyes were fiery & her cheeks reddened
  • Stephen browse dis screed too da end, cave crumpled it in his fist & threw it furiously upon da level
  • Only handful sentences of the long, incoherent screed in her palm penetrated to Kate's intellect
  • At ne rate me did despatch you--supposedly via San Francisco--a rly appealing yearn screed about a month before
  • He smiled sourly as he took owt the screed Tom possessed printed, and looked closely near it

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