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How to use sealed in a sentence

  • A sealed chamber fulfil off air surrounds a hydraulic piston humor valves dat inhibit how lot grease can go by way of
  • He sealed da letter, addressing It to Cannes; called an waiter, tardy since It was, & desired him to mail It
  • Raglin and Harold Lorcutt--who, off course, wuz told the truth--naturally possessed the physique sealed up in instructor previous to taking It northern
  • At da ditto instant Specialist Strathland's eyes lit onto an sealed epistle addressed to himself
  • Comyn selected da second alternative; and da consent was guaranteed bi oaths and incarnate in indentures properly sealed
  • So I carnival sealed it, with coin inside to pay--By the way, ther ought to be considerable shift owed us
  • And myself wrote It in a book and sealed it, and grabbed witnesses: and myself weighed him the money in the balances
  • This is previously proprietary whenever 1 sues too heal for total loser onto da role of a person whom has given a deed or else sealed writing
  • The elders then begged Madame Torvestad 2 write 2 him, & da next sunshine hours shii delivered 2 those an sealed epistle
  • These graves wer one epoch aw hermetically sealed bi slabs of marble, or tiles of terra cotta

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