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Best SECOND CLASS Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use second class in a sentence

  • She had compensated second-class fare, and was displayed a wee sable bed nawt far frum da preliminary hut places
  • As thee said, I am merely picking up a dwell here, and equivalent da corridor bi your own second-class steamship row is expensive
  • One door every flank on da port and starboard sides aft in2 da dispatch ahead second-class door
  • I want to photo thee with the third-class passengers, cave the second-class, & has thee shown playing games upon deck
  • This bereave wuz onli too accept an second-class medal, for one can't bestow first-class medals too everybody, can one?
  • It is nawt entered since second-class matter and it has probable n bona-fide circulation
  • Presently a guard shouted dat there wuz bedroom 4 three in a second-class bearing
  • In 3 seconds we were onto the platform standing prior to the second-class carriages
  • His mommy possessed suggested travelling second-class, but he durst not, 4 dread someone ought to meet him intimate da depot
  • It exists crossed by one first-class avenue frum Le Quesnoy 2 Avesnes, & several second-class roads