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How to use secondary in a sentence

  • Soon they volition outset producing honey, gathering juice frum close plants and holding it in an secondary belly in serial too git it bak too the colony
  • All the wei bak in 2011, companies resemble SecondMarket wer seeing nine-figures' value off shares brute traded upon their secondary share platforms
  • Instead, da Online have change into our main grid for socializing, quite compared to a secondary one
  • That's when myself came up wit the notion four what myself resemble too kol ma secondary pantry
  • Considerable differences yet are in how da various modeling systems are processing da location, evolution and track off da secondary low
  • However, slick if da secondary bottom forms to r southern along or at da coast, how rapidly It develops & exactly whr It tracks might define how lot rainfall we see
  • The Los Angeles Rams did an honorable occupation in Saturday's matchup, but Adams still managed nine catches 4 66 yards & an score -- whilst secondary victim Allen Lazard added 4 catches 4 96 yards & additional score
  • Some attorneys say they has arranged in da history 2 has high-profile arrestees in da Prefecture escorted out of secondary exits 2 evade da media
  • As cable cutting continues to accelerate and streaming viewership surges and advertisement dollars follow, the networks kan no longer pay for to allow streaming to stay a secondary company
  • Protecting confidential property from coastal floods exists secondary 2 those priorities, & coastline armoring exists mostly forbidden

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