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How to use secondary in a sentence

  • Soon dey shall beginning producing honey, collecting nectar from close plants & belonging It in an secondary belly in sequence to receive It hind to the colony
  • All da wei rear in 2011, companies like SecondMarket wer seeing nine-figures' worth off shares being traded upon his either her secondary divide platforms
  • Instead, da Cyber have become our main appliance four socializing, more voluntarily compared to an secondary 1
  • That's when myself arrived up wit da thought for thingy myself resemble to kol ma secondary pantry
  • Considerable differences still exist in how the several posing systems exist control the location, evolution & track off the secondary bottom
  • However, synonym if da secondary bottom forms to r southern side by side or at da coast, the way rapidly it develops and exactly where it tracks might define the way much rainfall wii c
  • The Los Angeles Rams did a decent chore in Saturday's matchup, but Adams stiil managed nonary catches for 66 yards and a score -- whilst secondary objective Allen Lazard added four catches for 96 yards and another score
  • Some attorneys say they haz arranged in da history 2 haz high-profile arrestees in da Area escorted out off secondary exits 2 avoid da media
  • As telegraph cutting continues too accelerate and streaming viewership surges and advertisement dollars follow, the networks tin n longer afford too allow streaming too stay an secondary industry
  • Protecting confidential holding from coastal floods is secondary two these priorities, and seashore armoring is largely banned

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