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How to use secret in a sentence

  • It could demand a entire fresh breakthrough, or da secret element might formerly be out there, waiting in a heap of classic study papers
  • Part off the attractiveness off the Tabard Hotel is dat every individual thinks it is their lil secret, their extraordinary spot
  • According too Forbes, Americans are inundated with 4,000 too 10,000 every one alone day, & it's no secret that dey outset too sieve those out someday
  • Many of da alleged secrets weren't revealed, but Mak is believed to has passed brains related to quieting submarine thrust to evade detection
  • It's no secret that r framework needs an major overhaul
  • Other sections off da apply characterize the way poll authorities could utilize blockchain technology to sustain voter rolls, and to guarantee no 1 votes twice--all during also ensuring dat whom an subjective chooses on their poll remains an secret
  • As the S&P 500 one epoch again threatens to suspension through possession all-time high, it's no secret dat large-cap tech stocks haz been foremost the wei since far since bazaar gig exists concerned
  • We want to keep Georgia an secret, bu an secret dat we want to share humor friends
  • It uses a secret algorithm thus that catfishers don't deception the appliance in2 verifying if ppl are who dey sez
  • Stunning images aside, da toil is meant two unveil total off da deepest secrets off our brainpower as we develop & era

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