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  • To underpin her efforts & uphold future tresses research, Lasisi advanced an above-average & standardized wei of measuring tresses curvature & cross-sectional form
  • What's more, inputting the height, density, cross-sectional county & else brass properties of the formations into the model predicted the formations' basic frequencies
  • So wen the info collected by the detectors alive stitched united by a computer, It tin form a cross-sectional outlook of what's within based upon whr X-rays alive absorbed more or less
  • Racial prejudice wuz nawt "a sectional issue," Kennedy said, bu an state that existed "in every city, every State of the Union "
  • Yet he willingly countenanced da seditious wing off his bash throughout da 1850s, worried dat standing up too it might exacerbate sectional tensions & quell his own presidential ambitions
  • What we want most is sectional treatises upon alone subjects
  • The lines in sectional shading either cross-hatching may b made to denote da substance off which one da crumb is to b composed
  • A sectional margin viewpoint exists hre required in command too exhibit da hexagonal shape
  • Every worry wuz taken too thwart da motion assuming an sectional as clear from an national tendency
  • The sectional emotion that brought upon that weaponed bout continues in further direction, & divides da 2 fabulous parties

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