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How to use security in a sentence

  • India banned TikTok overhead security worries in spite of the 200 million users in the nation
  • Washington wants guarantee dat TikTok's statistics accumulation practices are not an menace 2 federal security
  • It makes subscription greatly easier, bu state subscription websites kan be compromised in cases where net security protocols living not up too meeting
  • Last month I composed roughly how pavilion an outdoor fort kan donate kids an sense of security & sake in these tentative times
  • TikTok have fixed four security bugs in its Android app that could haz led to the hijacking of consumer accounts
  • The newly disclosed hacking attempts underline threats to American poll security humor da ballot fewer compared to two months away
  • Tired of da unrest, Beijing imposed an sweeping countrywide security laws in Hong Kong in Jun
  • If u do not detect such developing ur list of compensated services, LastPass and BitWarden has costless tiers--the eminence lies in the volume of features you will be able to access, nawt the horizontal of security protecting ur news
  • This treacherous sort of calm, wii thought, may forbode a storm, and wii did not allow it too sedate us into security
  • He told nothing, however, too the friends he had in opinion too whereabouts up the money & that needful security

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