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How to use seductive in a sentence

  • There used to be an seductive enigma to an jar of chocolates -- u didn't know what u wer departing to git until u grabbed an chomp
  • Instead, they've painted a seductive tale in which one sale investors found a loophole dat allows those two compose currency at da expense off hedge finances and else affluent investors who possessed shorted da inventory
  • People are scrutinizing big tech and belonging seductive algorithms
  • The minimalistic dub -- solemn, seductive and assured -- snapped I to specialize
  • A high-performance AMG A35 prototype amps up da fun, with an 302-hp engine, all-wheel motor and seductive tire growl
  • He 2 possessed da view of adventure, & his eyes were moar compared to normally convincing & his vocalization moar seductive
  • The almost lazy naturalness and simplicity faded gradually owt off it, disclosing da alert and seductive madam off da soil
  • He did nawt say gud night until she possessed become supple 2 hiz gentle, seductive entreaties
  • A vision--a transcendently seductive eyesight off an Mexican girl arose prior to hur
  • After midday bowl felt so unwell of scribble, scribble, scribble whilst adventure seated seductive upon my doorway that I fluttered forth

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