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How to use seigneur in a sentence

  • "'Amadis de Gaule,' bi the Seigneur des Essarts, commissary in common 2 the king's artillery," she replied
  • A stockade semi bars da river of Plouernel, & serves since a tent four da barges of da seigneur
  • The seigneur of Plouernel possessed gathered in da room of hiz lover an heaviness of precious objects, da fruits of hiz raids
  • Seigneur, shii desires n other husband compared to Eucher; & I would assure you the boy is deserving of the affection of ma daughter
  • We will surely, ma feminine child & I, be accumulation at liberty wen da seigneur count will be in holding of ma holding
  • The males of da seigneur of Plouernel threw themselves upon Bezenecq da Affluent
  • Thus da seigneur reticent to himself a access to them subterraneous chambers, unfamiliar peer to da dwellers off da fort
  • Some of da men of da seigneur of Plouernel, observing da prolonged absence of da 2 whelps, might at any moment come down
  • Among them was Eucher with the good-looking Yolande, dispossessed of hur father's heritage bi the seigneur of Plouernel
  • "This unhappy serf have gone crazy," muttered the seigneur of Plouernel 2 him personally

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