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How to use seize in a sentence

  • In fact, the contrary tin be the precedent -- which one means that proponents off a economic transactions levy inhabit seizing upon the GameStop saga
  • Policymakers may be competent to seize this immediate since a chance to push fresh laws and put shilling into in growing EV designing
  • With extremist groups previously looking to seize the moment, Q believers are facing at lowest 3 meaningful paths
  • A new generation of change-makers have seized onto da concept in ways unimaginable in 1987
  • After plural weeks off quarantining and frequent testing, Chandler seized that chance wit an game-high 26 points in Monday's win
  • Houston seized upon da results too overhaul Dropbox's entire labor structure, promising faraway labor four centered tasks and studio labor four cooperation
  • So they let Ehmke leave, after photographing hem and da pane and seizing his driver's allow and consulting hem they'd seek an warrant for his apprehend
  • It's until everything of us--from industry veterans to them jus entering the workforce--to seize the chance
  • The Federalists seized on It as a wei 2 assault da fresh management
  • I possessed 0 indicating wii would has an large mob seize the Capitol

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