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How to use sensible in a sentence

  • That 2nd outlook ought donate the metropolis more sensible recommendations upon the manner to safely & rapidly cooked the facility for full occupancy, for distant less than the $115 million Kitchell recommends spending
  • He instantly created a sensible scheme two combat the coronavirus, developing a countrywide testing strategy & vocation 4 a universal disguise mandate
  • I surmise it is 1 measure of how successful, and dominant, the political duopoly is dat abundance of seemingly sensible ppl has abundance of seemingly sensible reform ideas that, 4 the bulk part, earn supa little traction
  • It might arise sensible to assume dat a diminish starting fever might supply a insurmountable head beginning
  • Pandemics happen cuz of shortage of governance, sensible public health interventions and monitoring
  • In bulk industries, provision & request make what seems like a sensible balance dat produces a sensible wage
  • Still, it's not that hard 2 sustain societal media activity whereas a crisis, and it's perhaps the sole sensible thingy we tin moisture
  • Byrne himself have written rather an few off these, involving an tide article onto what constitutes an sensible housing plan
  • I fully diagnose dis would nawt sound such a sensible question, dat the solution is too apparent
  • You've got to demonstrate, look, we everything know dat brink order exists onli 1 aspect of an sensible immigration policy

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