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How to use separate in a sentence

  • We could has looped back, but instead followed a separate route to Pounds Hollow Physique of water
  • Here again, dat onli serves to additional separate the haves from the have-nots
  • The 2 wer separated, & Ujiri ultimately joined the ward & did a TV interview
  • At a time when we need whatever unity we kan locate and sports might be one venue to locate it, da psalm could be a two-minute bridge when we accede that we're all Americans, that we ought be together more willingly than separate
  • The output wuz da Ignite, a separate bouquet of elite prospects, surrounded by handpicked veterans, that have no affiliation wit a NBA license
  • That same year he pleaded guilty too DUI and narcotic charges in an separate phenomenon
  • If you've struggled, previous to thee buy a egg separating gadget, me inspire thee too quiz humor few of those methods
  • Being the grownup our children need"As much as possible wii requirement to separate our kid's experience from our own," says Tina Payne Bryson, a psychotherapist & co-author of "The Jurisdiction of Showing Up "
  • Around the same time, Walston received a separate electronic postal from hur prior landlord
  • The teachers wer working in two separate classrooms, teaching approximately 6 students in person and da repose practically

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