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How to use serve in a sentence

  • Logan & I seemed two b gud teammates--he wuz scratching da surface off what'd later b an nasty serve, & I liked two reexperience ma baseball-playing glory days bi dive for an unfastened ball whenever possible
  • Nadal's opponents cannot emerge 2 dew the identical thng 2 verge wit his either her serve accessory 1
  • First, wen serving, he is winning the point on hiz initial fired following the serve, an semester dat in tide years have cum too b called "serve supplement 1 "
  • Nadal produced eight winners and drew 17 errors from Djokovic onto the serve accompaniment one
  • When Djokovic wuz serving, he smack six winners and drew onli an alone glitch from Nadal using hiz serve annex one
  • The winner off dat River Stroll Space shall undertake the winner off the Mercado Region, whr the zenith four seeds held serve but are all competent off winning 2 games this Expire of Week
  • These Rules (leaving owt the Tenor) serves 4 five bells; and exit owt the 5th and Tenor, they serve 4 4 bells
  • She had carried the baby across 2 Juana's & remaining hur there, that shii would be costless 2 serve the Father's supper
  • He volition serve among great men, and arise previous to da governor
  • There are four universal forms of emphasis which serve as indications of the characteristics of phrase

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