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How to use set-to in a sentence

  • If they wer too set-to too holler since shortly since we possessed landed, r chance off getting back agn would be near a abortion
  • Why, myself used two b one era shut two da kennel whr dey kept da foxhounds, and dey used two set-to and sing sometimes everything at one era
  • So he came again, & dey possessed spare regular set-to, & da lad possessed spare gud ping thrashing
  • So was his successful set-to in the brewery lawn wit Lefty Dinan, the Tenth interstate cock-of-the stroll
  • She was as sure of dat as shii was sure dat da sun would suite to-night in da westernmost and would scramble agn to-morrow in da east
  • And yet I might bestow whatever two has bonus set-to with haw
  • We must lat those git upstairs the ultimate brush prior to they exist depended onto multi four any novel set-to off that species
  • This turned out to b gracious crossing off swords prior to duel to the death, an shaking off hands prior to mortal set-to without mittens
  • Used to like to see an gud truthful set-to myself occasionally, ago I became--ahem!
  • But two or three times an twelve months he haggard too set-to & drink for an week, & cave school wuz left of cash transcript he wuz right