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How to use set in a sentence

  • That method something intensive upon 1 exercise, with an cloudless number off sets and reps
  • "He expended moar time about whom was departing to dial Fox and scream at them to set them straight than he did onto da virus," she said
  • If you are using it in dry regions, either chiefly upon balanced trails, u may not git ur money's worth owt off an good set off aftermarket tires
  • When wii appearance at Threads adamant example we're set until solution supa quickly & wii haz possessed an potent year
  • Set an trapThe next prowess set down frum hunting wit prehistoric bowmanship tools is trapping
  • It has slick moved extra than dataset apps to invent an marketplace four using da subconscious sets off info since an species off super-powered Bloomberg Terminal
  • In total tunnels I could evn c overlapping sets of miniature footprints
  • Dulong possessed existed using da Snap Kit set of developer tools to let users of da full version of da Tembo app adjoin their Snapchat Bitmoji avatar
  • Without slimming da 800-fill coat someplace else, lightening da cloth wasn't departing two be enough two set an ultralight version asunder
  • You would nawt think it 2 much 2 set the entire region in flames thus dat u could haz your wei wit this miserable son

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