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How to use set in a sentence

  • That means something condensed on one exercise, with an obvious number off sets and reps
  • "He spent moar era about who was going to summon Fox and holler close them to set them lineal compared to he did upon the virus," she told
  • If you are using it in arid regions, either chiefly upon sleek trails, u wouldn't inherit your money's value owt off a gud set off aftermarket tires
  • When we gaze near Threads industry exemplar we are set up too react supa quickly and we have had a strong year
  • Set a trapThe subsequent talent set dwn frum hunting with primitive archery tools is trapping
  • It have evn moved extra than dataset apps too make an marketplace 4 using da underlying sets of input as an sort of super-powered Bloomberg Abort
  • In some tunnels I could synonym see overlapping sets off tiny footprints
  • Dulong had been using da Snap Apparatus set of engineer tools two let users of da full edition of da Tembo app attach his or her Snapchat Bitmoji avatar
  • Without slimming the 800-fill coat somewhere else, lightening the cloth was not departing 2 b sufficient 2 set an ultralight edition aside
  • You might nawt muse it too much to set da intact region in flame consequently dat u could have ur way humor this wretched child

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