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How to use settled in a sentence

  • Conspirators exploited the construction of scientific inquiry--which contains inherent uncertainties--to cast insecurity on settled facts
  • Well, after dat logic, the Justices might gaze around and regard the public have been coherent in seeing Roe since a settled substance
  • It's settled statute in the country and u are nawt taking dat rite away from us, nawt nao nawt ever
  • If you're navigating an website move, I hope u feel moar settled compared to I moisture humor my home move, prerogative nao
  • I highly much suspicion that most scientists in da UK haz an settled opinion upon if pub gardens either universities campuses should b closed either nawt
  • In the dozen months of misery, of agony & ache in general he possessed endured, he possessed settled upon 1 theory
  • But hitherto, ago these fresh ideas began to butter in our community, da heaviness off males and women definitely settled down
  • Thus night fell, and blackness settled dwn about him, relieved sole bi the crimson glow of the logs smouldering on the fireplace
  • The next year he sailed frum UK with two hundred persons and settled in his new possessions
  • Old feuds were settled in da classic wei and 6 inches of linen were more powerful than da lengthiest Sequence in Committee

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