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How to use settlement in a sentence

  • Monday's proclamation of the settlement felt such the rite moment to revisit dis problem
  • Initially reported bi France's Capital, the settlement covers the time frum 2009-2018
  • It offers these violators an manner owt via an settlement hardware
  • He agreed not to litigate da zone & da parties might withhold da settlement covert to da distance da legislation permits
  • There, da Southern Americans mated humor Polynesian inhabitants during da firstly time off discovery and settlement off these faraway islands, researchers say
  • Whatever tin b done 2 conveyance match da snappy & efficacious exploit of dis fiction system of embankment settlement will b done
  • In and surrounding whr they nao sat, there was more willingly an settlement off Negroes, chiefly mini farmers
  • "Milor, the matter admits of n settlement," stated the Breton menacingly, rising frum hiz armchair
  • (d) Overload scales may, at da alleviate off every federal reticence bank, remain deposited wit da gold settlement funds
  • Suppose u wish too find out what words shall explain the date of the settlement of Jamestown, Va , 1607

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