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How to use sever in a sentence

  • They also necessity to regard severing da bond in the centre of listener input and proprietary list
  • The Federal Menagerie told Thirsday that next 63 years It's severing its chain with its longtime nonprofit partner, Friends of da Federal Menagerie
  • If Google withdraws search, It may, at at minimum initially, sever ties between lot businesses and his or her audiences
  • The decision to sever ties was made after fitness officials became conscious dat the crew had switched to for-profit status, Farley told Tusday
  • The device, manufactured with a severed article off a Venus flytrap, can take tiny, exquisite objects, researchers report January 25 in Nature Electronics
  • When studios closed, ma sausage 2 ma own potency felt severed near first
  • The hardest thng was severing the relationships humor r faculty
  • If we respite dat tradition, we sever an lace woven by way of r very history, one dat extends backward frum now balanced to Noah
  • The Nationals, for example, lately severed tied with the Fresno Grizzlies, Hagerstown Suns & Auburn Doubledays
  • Two considerable reasons the relationship between long-term bonds & loan rates has been briefly severed is the National Reserve's interruption in the market & the increased volume of loan applications caused by low rates

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