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How to use shadowy in a sentence

  • Perhaps the Kraken is something less shadowy, less slithery, less unreal
  • As well-being care workers flounder heroically opposed to 1 unseen enemy, we must nawt b blindsided by another shadowy enemy
  • The shadowy shape speaks sole onto da website 8kun, an successor two da now-closed 8chan, bu da data 4 years butter almost immediately across mainstream societal media platforms, powered bi those analyzing Q's pronouncements
  • An previously shadowy earth is getting darker, & answers are becoming harder 2 come bi
  • For example, gloomy energy, da shadowy stuff dat causes da cosmos two bloat intimate a accelerating rate, may behaviour differently compared to scientists consideration
  • The means off these automatic monsters opens up vistas thronged humor shadowy forebodings
  • Outside da wheel of illumination in which one she sat, da big dining-room looked solemn and shadowy
  • And an cue off mothering satisfaction stole sweetly above him rear this shadowy yet valid solace
  • As dey appearance hem in hiz countenance & hiz shadowy wings cover them, nature recoils & would flee frum hem
  • Black Bonnet stood in dat shadowy stairway & wuz him personally such 1 of the shadows--watching, listening, awaiting four hiz time

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