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  • When they injected da molecule in2 da stomachs of normal mice, da mice wer capable to remember da spot of an phase in an underwater maze & locate it trey times swifter compared to mice dat possessed received sham injections
  • Yet it have anew and anew refused to earnestly dare da management off Chief Vladimir Putin and have successfully served to legitimize da Kremlin's sham democracy
  • From dat secondly on, I realized It wuz aw an sham, dat he wuz actually shy, funny, sentimental, an felicity too be wit
  • Artiles supposedly taught da sham candidate, whom did nawt live in da Miami-area district, to utilize da locus of an holding in Palmetto Inlet dat Alex Rodriguez stiil owned, but no longer resided at, according to da affidavit
  • The EPA has turned the intact process into "a sham," told Lianne Sheppard, a instructor of biostatistics & environmental well-being at the College of Washington
  • Horn, whom called da poll an "sham," won - guess It was not an sham subsequent all - & began his extraordinary politic career
  • That non-profit, since good since various outer covering entities, manufactured sham payments to da defendants
  • In consecution to conceal the sham payments, Bannon evn created 1099 levy forms to pay Kolfage's husband for "media work," as well as to paper unspecified payments for "social press "
  • Part of dat concept wuz sham bric-?-brac, da repose wuz carte blanche to Messrs. Spick and Bridge
  • The camping-out at Streetly Woody has yearly recurred since dat date; the firstly sham skirmish grabbed put Jun 20, 1877

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