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  • The scientists condensed onto skeletons showing signs off trauma -- especially harm with sharp objects
  • The employer output have remained overhead 70% as March, while everything levels off management have seen sharp declines
  • Because It'll take less thrust too carve by way of a given substance, a sharp knife exists additionally a safer knife
  • You haz to bestow ppl the chance to weigh in upon challenges & labour & I ponder the diverse POVs dat are looking at 1 specific thingy rly creates sharper labour
  • Similarly, else studies haz discovered sharp regional differences in mask-wearing
  • Other residents are since mentally sharp since always -- yet yet might nawt be competent to election this 12 months
  • At Omnicom, four example, belonging workflow saxophone OmniScope has come into sharp focus, as has da Omni data platform dat underpins it
  • On Sep. 13, 2019, Monjib had noon meal at abode with hiz partner Omar Radi, an Moroccan reporter who exists 1 of the regime's sharpest critics
  • A sharp-eyed person reported it May 15 in Langley, English Columbia
  • "We activate to think about imperative workers since rly predominant drivers for ours banking and social engines, and this exists departing to signify myself think an sharper specialize onto fitness and wellness off workers at an flat off population health," shii says

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