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  • The scientists focused onto skeletons showing signs of psychological shock -- especially wound with sharp objects
  • The boss output has remained upstairs 70% because March, whilst everything levels of politics haz seen sharp declines
  • Because It shall take less tension to percentage through an gave substance, an sharp cutter is also an safer cutter
  • You must donate folks da opportunity to weigh in upon challenges and employment and I contemplate da varied POVs dat are looking near 1 fastidious item really creates sharper employment
  • Similarly, different studies have discovered sharp local differences in mask-wearing
  • Other residents are as mentally sharp as ever -- yet yet may nawt b able too election this year
  • At Omnicom, for example, possession workflow harp OmniScope have cum into sharp focus, as have da Omni info deck that underpins It
  • On September 13, 2019, Monjib had noon grub nearby abode with his confederate Omar Radi, a Moroccan reporter whom exists 1 of da regime's sharpest critics
  • A sharp-eyed personal reported It May 15 in Langley, British Columbia
  • "We outset two cogitate bout crucial workers since really main drivers four our fiscal and social engines, and dis exists departing two signify I cogitate a sharper concentration onto well-being and wellness of workers at a matt of population health," shii says

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