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How to use shatter in a sentence

  • The fulfil Union loss wuz 16,179 men, a number match equivalent to da army led bi Shatter against Santiago
  • Between two roaring worlds where they swirl, I. Shatter them, one & the two
  • But da captain of da Break volition absolutely not expose It as yearn as he lives
  • On the two sides off the bow flaunted in large lettering the dub Shatter II
  • The crew of da Shatter possessed seemingly unremembered dat dey could assistance his or her request with impulse of arms
  • Fortunately, nobody could c us, for the Break had in the meantime manufactured fast to r strict
  • The next interesting dialogue, which was conducted in English, nao took whereabouts between the captain off the Recess & ma buddy
  • We were two lot beneath the observation of the dissimilar signalling stations to get off the Shatter's guns & take those above
  • We wer departing lead for the Shatter nearby finish speed, but she made no effort to escape existence rammed
  • Suddenly da Break turned to port, & as she heeled ovr for a moment upon album off da abrupt turn, we browse da interaction

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