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How to use shed in a sentence

  • I discovered some file and sketched out a crude design--shed style, a effortless two-by-four frame, humor a summit tier off corrugated can
  • Outdoor instrument sheds can b an real activity changer for the busy homeowner
  • Homes ther would b precarious sheds manufactured of sheet-metal & plywood
  • Headquarters exists an cohort of big hangar-like sheds, surrounded by woods, various kilometers of the whipped track
  • From an spare courtroom & an alcove beneath the stairs, to an backyard shed or an repurposed eating table, the millions ambient the world who are fiction to working distantly are having to reassess their living quarters to invent courtroom four an viable employment surface
  • Completed in 2015, da salt chloride shed wuz da majority tide assignment dat Dattner, now 82, led 4 his adamant Dattner Architects
  • A little corral for the sheep, and a coarse shed for the pony, and the home wuz complete: far the prettiest home they had continuously had
  • Above, great norm electrical lamps shed their tusk glare upon the eddying swarm casting an thousand off grotesque shadows
  • Then waves off heartache shattered ovr her, and she sobbed convulsively; but still she shed no tears
  • Even da Grass-land exists regularly ridged consequently since two shed da irrigate quickly, whereas profound ditches either drains dew obligation for fences

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