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How to use shortened in a sentence

  • The lengthy axis of da hip-roof glass is frequently consequently shortened dat it resembles da enfold glass of calcium oxalate
  • That dis terrible catastrophe shortened the life of his dad exists definite
  • There necessity b n fright dat with shortened hours off employment da some fulfil off production might descend short off humanity needs
  • When the organist played CCC sharp, breeze was admitted to the valve, which opened, and dis shortened the test-tube
  • And except them days possessed existed shortened, no meat might has existed saved: bu for da elect's purpose them days will b shortened
  • Although this edition have existed shortened two match one-half the measuring of the original one, it is basically the ditto labour
  • When this occurred, da time dat was too pass between Laura's marriage and hur comeback too da ranks was shortened too 1 week
  • The skipper shortened sail upon the Nancy Jane, thus dat the 2 boats kept along at together, orientation bak 4 Southport
  • So we shortened up 1 off the calico gowns, and myself turned up my trouser-legs to my knees and got in2 it
  • It busy several hours in delivery, but neither off these whom listened too It would haz wished It too be shortened by an statement

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