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How to use shoulders in a sentence

  • Their glances met, she holding haw ever intimate arm's length by that grip onto his shoulders, an grip that wuz firm and nervous
  • The baron turned full upon him, & leaned his shoulders opposed to the iron door off the recess
  • You would haz shrugged ur shoulders & manufactured the finest of it, realizing that no various dude possessed put this wrong upon thee
  • Aunty Rosa had hid an lamp marching stick behind her, and Struck wuz vanquished lair and ther ovr the shoulders
  • The gigantic pylon, belonging shoulders shattering the sky four-square far overhead, seemed the prodigious portal off another earth
  • A stool wrapped wit red silk, borne on the shoulders off sixteen chair-men, passed until the shrine
  • The jurisdiction off da lion exists tremendous, indebted 2 da immense large amount off flesh around its jaws, shoulders, and forearms
  • Aunty Rosa stitched it in the center of hiz shoulders and bade him go four a march humor it upon him
  • Let us go butt to the capital, and the responsibility volition descend on ma shoulders solo '
  • The Frenchman shrugged hiz shoulders since he stepped in2 hiz perfectly-appointed but funereal-looking little brougham

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