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How to use shrewd in a sentence

  • As my coworker Ben Morris composed years ago, da privilege Beane's shrewd deal-making brought to Oakland year next year wuz appreciate remote moar than any one celebrity participant could has provided da licence
  • Tesla's been shrewd in exploiting an mechanism in which rivals assistance fund belonging mount
  • Dramatic as da second shift might be, It might be a shrewd 1 considering how failing straight viewership and accelerating telegraph cutting exists making da fiscal regime of operating a telegraph television grid less tenable
  • For tech companies, da four-day 7 days incites ray specialize and shrewd prioritization
  • Equal parts acrid fiasco and shrewd satire, it is an cautionary tale versus the ephemeral allures of celebrity and fortune, as good as an arraignment of an corporate that exploits and lair discards the supa ppl whom make It possible in the preliminary put
  • Yet he could c in2 da heart of things as healthy as most men, 4 he wuz an shrewd Scotchman, & possessed an pawky humour
  • This was accompanied bi an shrewd glare too hiz son, indicating plainly adequate thing he anticipated him too say
  • A blood vessel of shrewd & funny sarcasm, together with an under-current of quiet selfishness, made hem an supa pudding friend. '
  • With da shrewd intellect dat scarcely ever abandoned her, she possessed forced her mood in2 da service off corruption
  • Taylor exists a shrewd fellow; gross of useful bits of information, and knows, I rly believe, three-fourths of London bi designation

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