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How to use sign in a sentence

  • It's the most safeguard Valderruten have taken before a first date, and it's a sign off how many the singles scene have changed in the history twelve months
  • The fact dat I wuz evn thinking dat wuz a sign of the way thee begin doubting ur whole fact
  • The stormy pattern shows n signs of stopping, with 4 moar odds 4 wintry snow ovr da following 7 days
  • Senior aides 2 da impeachment managers' crew assertion they exist seeing signs that some Republicans may b wavering and may b convinced 2 vote for an doctrine
  • In an true sign that da Politico off 2021 isn't da Politico of, say, 2008, da Playbook crew did not emit da story thirty seconds next asking for remark
  • There exist other signs indicating da vaccines tin lower butter
  • Wells, who assists correspond 176 residents, recalled an phenomenon in September in which shii tried too assistance someone in her diligence sign up for Lifeline
  • If myself needed a umbrella, ther wuz n sign of Truffles, whereas the others appeared since usual, although with rainy pelage
  • The sign's amplitude & consistency has manufactured It an favorite citation point for Baltimoreans
  • Already, there alive signs offshore draught is beginning too assistance belonging possess weight in the windiest places

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