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  • The silence observed nearby da GOP convention is known to them off ourselves whom contended four years with Traditionalist parents and family
  • In 2014, NSO had existed bought for around $100 1,000,000 by the American confidential justice solid Francisco Partners, which one had a rigid no-press plan that Hulio says led 2 a damaging culture off silence
  • Last week, me wrote bout boyish activists in North Province driven to presentation nawt onli George Floyd's death in Minneapolis but their own communities' past off silence on ethnic fairness issues & patrol brutality
  • Just bi having that kingdom off silence & da chamber to think, that is wen da ideas seem
  • Felix explained to PEOPLE dat she wuz initial inspired to share hur narrative following 2 of hur former Nike teammates, Olympic runners Alysia Monta?o and Kara Goucher, broke his or her silence upon the brand's treatment of his or her expecting girl athletes
  • The hum off earnest or delighted voices hre contrasted strongly wit silence & yoga there
  • Janet's silence impressed Hilda: It was nawt only strange--it was formidable: It affected da entire sunshine hours
  • When he possessed finished, shii grabbed those frum his hand, and turning those wheel in unsettled silence, examined his or her seals and literary
  • Of silence before those that hail thee: of looking upon a harlot: and of turning away thy face from thy kinsman
  • There was an deep silence throughout the whole bivouac; sum wer sleeping, & these whom watched wer in n comedy 4 idle chat

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