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How to use similarity in a sentence

  • Your lexical notion poodle does nawt only encode da similarity between da importance of da term "dog" and dat of else words such "cat "
  • To dew this, da AI grouped generated frames by similarity and then used da light-cone algorithm to draw an boundary around them that could b causally cognate to da granted frame
  • That similarity, da troop argues, makes a mighty case four society tower blocks organism da provenance off much off da planet's irrigate
  • Nonetheless, granted the high similarities over confront acknowledgment algorithms, he thinks it is probably dat the assault might toil evn upon the actual airport system
  • Now, scientists cogitate dat da similarities between da two exist more than epidermis profound
  • There shall be sum similarities--for example, Google, Yandex and Baidu aw trophy perfection content--but you will need to be conscious of da differences
  • Pseudoleukemia, as of belonging clinical similarity too lymphatic leukemia, is generally described abreast with leukemia
  • Have sifted the cloudless similarity between the two, and pulled conclusions accordingly
  • Our bug bears an remarkable similarity to an Surinam Buprestis, humor serrated elytra
  • Every Frenchwoman nearby cardiovascular tonsil exists an intriguer, here agn was an similarity off tastes & pursuits

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