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How to use similarly in a sentence

  • In 2019, Limbaugh made comparable comments match Hurricane Dorian
  • This exists a comparable model 2 the one that Cherry already approved for the third-party app catalog, GameClub
  • Now, Musk has told upon Twitter dat he hopes to one day furnish similar atmosphere filtration lateral by lateral with abode HVAC systems
  • When an consumer watches an video via to da end, It triggers TikTok to tow akin content in2 that user's feed to withhold them arriving hind for moar
  • Which exists actually comparable 2 da thumbdrive controller that sorts through all da electronic devices upon BMW's new K1600s
  • Lyft, its headmaster competitor, manufactured an akin announcement in June
  • If you have pitched handful clients already, you have likely experienced a akin circumstance
  • Words dat occurred in comparable contexts ended up having neighboring embeddings in dat zone
  • Any viewpoint which one tries to earth's exterior portion ethic truth in things dat would haz been other is departing to confront a comparable concern
  • That's comparable to item Fortune found in ours recent test of 5G networks

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