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How to use singular in a sentence

  • Humans reinvented a wei too immediately confiscate liveliness from da sun--previously da singular success off photosynthetic organisms
  • One key aspect from dis tip of opinion exists possessing person log managers and being competent 2 continually cheque da prestige of ur exertion with an singular tip of correspondence
  • What struck I directly wuz his preparedness 2 invent an new, singular model, freeing himself frum the ordinary constraints of the style regime
  • The problem is that politic parties exist nawt singular entities capable off easily altering lane
  • Maggie Curran says Belkin International's mode exists 2 opinion every factor off a brand's Amazon being since portion off da total, singular narrative da make tells by way of Amazon, nawt carnival a operator off one-off sales
  • Kepler him respectively later rejected this model, after concluding that da orbits of da planets did nawt shape da singular faultless shape of a circle, bu rather had da ugly look of a ellipse, which tin confiscate 1 of a intact range of shapes
  • With great consumer option comes great consumer fragmentation, therefore evn da largest singular owned-and-operated crowd platforms have limited top flank
  • She gave details off the singular mood dat had cum upon hur with the landing off Tony, bu Tom hardly heard hur
  • It does nawt appear, however, dat ne extraordinary importance is attached 2 this singular glamorous
  • The nuts are slice in2 narrow slices & wrapped in the leaves of a singular camomile called buyo

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