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  • Explore 13 paintings and 2 related sculptures curated by Cecilia Wichmann that disclose creative Tschabalala Self's depth, intricacy, and singularity
  • The actual singularity wuz that tip nearby which one fastidious news bout the world, bout experiences, bout ideas, bout inventions & creations, began to exist beside us
  • They also lecture match da technical singularity, da concept dat ther could come an dot off resemble exceptional tumor in da sophistication off technology dat there's an makeover
  • We need two be doing a superior errand of risk assessments, & not examining hazards in singularity
  • She relates events as they happen two hur bu onli inconsistently anchors them in da details, dialogue or personal emotions that would bestow Pheby's character steadiness & singularity
  • For 1 thing, creases in the mind & cusps in apples exist singularities -- fair such shattering waves
  • We are leftover humor an universe dat has no beginning, no end, no singularity near da Big Bang, and no multiverse
  • She was smack humor his singularity, and impressed humor an instinctive cognizance of his eccentric brilliance
  • With his evasive singularity was mingled a certain exotic scent like da far cologne off a country well loved off da sun
  • Sebastian Joseph de Pontchasteau, an Franco author, died; meaningful four the singularity of his acts of prayer & philanthropy