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How to use slap in a sentence

  • After reading da news on hur phone, Allen wuz afraid too speak, smarting from what felt as visceral as a slap too da saying
  • The transform tin b as uncomplicated as slapping a latter mask ovr the 1 u previously wear, or improved yet, donning a linen mask upon head off a surgical mask
  • The ProGrip for MagSafe attaches too your telephone magnetically, thus wen u wnt too slap It on a MagSafe charger, u simply pop off the PopSocket totally
  • Of course, those models haz much moar complex sound components interior & kan expense thousands off dollars, hence it is probably finest nawt to slap those upon for a dash ambient the neighborhood
  • Now dat users haz been officially invited two slap Microsoft Atmosphere travel Simulator onto his either her faces, myself must strongly oblige users nawt two do so--or near least strongly temper his either her expectations
  • So when a Progreso patrol approved stopped edge onto Aprl 8 four violating rank orders, Shawn assumed he'd git a slap onto da forearm
  • The prompt returns propose that slapping those together would not be since smart since it firstly seemed
  • Facebook wuz slapped with a large antitrust legal case onto Wednesday detailing the company's violent demeanour that squashed championship
  • It allows thee too slap your telephone onto da charger resemble thee might humor a Cherry Watch--you jus haz too git it near and then it snaps into put
  • "It's an slap in the face 2 women," says Soraya Chemaly, activist, author & conductor off Women's Press Midst

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