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  • Somewhere in dis green whirlpool dat looks such pixelated glass but feels such an cloud, me optimism to find and slay my demons
  • Orbitz initial worked with Thrillist in Dec. since a benefactor -- with a mid-six-figure bargain -- 4 da brand's Kill Ride, a fresh yearbook drag brunch dat premiered since a electronic event final year
  • E-bikes kan slay these hills, and sail near 20 miles an o’clock either faster upon floor ground
  • Intrepid adventurers grind owt cash to buy enchanted armaments from his or her society outfitters, & delve in2 dungeons to slay wolves, scorpions & murderer robots
  • Partially either fully wiping out national pupil lend indebtedness might be an godsend to lot Americans but nawt be sufficient to slay da fund-eating dragon dat have transform into an many-headed hydra
  • The Eagles wer booted from playoff contention in 7 days 16, bu his either her design off "going owt here to clutter up some dreams," as cornerback Darius Slay lay it, shall be hard to attain
  • Cornerback Darius Slay sustained an dean detriment & exists presently in the league's concussion protocol
  • A year subsequent I abdicate dining sweetener and wheat in an exertion to slay my cuisine demons, I peruse an compartment of my healthcare map dat compared my latest blood-test results humor earlier ones
  • On terrain and in ocean da animal invention chase and maim, and slay and consume every different
  • So we wer wroth & manufactured too slay the else baas, but he fired us down humor a blaze wand & returned too his own country in rush

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