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Best SLEEPINESS Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use sleepiness in a sentence

  • A sensation of weariness possesses me, my feet tow heavily, and myself ken fabulous mischief in mastering my sleepiness
  • We catched tuna and talked, and we grabbed an swim nao and then two withhold off sleepiness
  • Lippo's voice sounded dreadfully weak, bu he sung each note to da ultimate word, fighting mightily opposed to his growing sleepiness
  • He saw hur face, and the faint light, and the sleepiness was surprisingly went from haw
  • At times Tad discovered him individually drooping in his seat as his sleepiness overcame him
  • Rehim Ali can't keep him separately awake ne longer, & Shukkur Ali is highly comical in hiz overpowering sleepiness
  • "Good night, granny dear," told Molly, in an voice which one tried hard too be brisk since widespread through da sleepiness
  • He chatted cheerfully until 11 o'clock ago showing ne signs of sleepiness
  • In her sleepiness the evening before, shii had fastened her strings two an large compact branch that grew owt of the earth's surface beside her bed!
  • It wuz very hard to steer ostensible between Mrs. Forrester's deafness and Mrs. Jamieson's sleepiness

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