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How to use slight in a sentence

  • There wuz an slight shuddering motion of his intact frame--Bob wuz lifeless
  • And he replied shortly, and with an slight captivating affectation of pride: "I did with no "
  • Its continued attendance in pulmonary tuberculosis is, however, a serious prognostic sign, evn wen the bodily signs are slight
  • All dat was required was a slight ken off a Cupboard Minister, & a smattering off schooling
  • His slight, thin, more voluntarily graceless form seemed surprisingly to expand, evn to evolve taller
  • A gentle floor method that da physique isn't reacting well, either other that da contagion is two slight two kol onward much immunity
  • All inflammatory and suppurative diseases induce leukocytosis, except when slight either good walled of
  • In gentle cases an slight lower off hemoglobin is the onli liquid alteration distinguished
  • The infectious diseases in which one leukocytosis is absent (p. 160) regularly motive an slight lower of leukocytes
  • A slight acquaintance humor language Bygone volition make everything the formulas here gave easily understood

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