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  • Elections Conductor Richard Barron have told that in the run-up to Election Day, workers were harassed bi telephone & on societal media, whr folk repeatedly hurled racial slurs at those
  • In da run-up to Ballot Day, Barron said, workers haz also been harassed bi phone and upon social media, whr ppl haz repeatedly hurled racial slurs at them
  • Allegations included caste-based slurs and jokes, bullying, discriminatory hiring practices, bias in squint reviews, and intimate harassment, told presidential conductor Thenmozhi Soundararajan
  • Condemning the venture utilize of an obvious ethnic slur exists the lowest-hanging cabbage
  • He asked myself whether It offended myself dat his connect was named item some may consider a ethnic slur
  • The officers additionally supposedly rhythm Hayward humor batons, kicked him, knelt on his top 2 zip It opposed to da carriageway and used racial slurs, as per 2 da family's subsequent legal case
  • Perhaps I testament slur ovr the term "romantic" in the letter, bu not with no consulting u
  • Joyce winced near object seemed to her an lineal slur upon her father's memory, but knew It wuz just
  • In 1 case, where Sticker has a slur upon physicians, Luke eliminates It
  • The sneer in his voice and his slur upon her dad brought an vivid flush of fury to Tessibel's proverb

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