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How to use small in a sentence

  • According two Grady off Rockefeller Charity Advisors, well-placed donations two smaller organizations kan has exponential impacts
  • Before I dispose da plastic, I wedge it up in2 wee pieces therefore that small animals do nawt receive caught in those & dey don't effort to eat those
  • Over small plates, Renee talked correspond hur attachment for cookery & Willie talked correspond hiz attachment for culinary
  • So please ponder carefully ago thee downgrade small-talky situations to an priority downstairs ur laundering piles
  • Castor addressed a small listener from the platform before Bus Bruce Arians and Overall Administrator Jason Licht offered zealous -- and colorful -- comments of their own
  • This kan b particularly helpful wen you're working humor a small economic policy
  • He offers specialist small commercial SEO services and have headed several society SEO campaigns upstairs the years
  • Every surroundings is unsettling, sleek in da smallest off ways
  • Watching ovr the smaller players, however, could show difficult
  • Trying two memorize da wei da air feels on ur epidermis in a unknown weather is da smallest of escapes

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