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How to use smart in a sentence

  • The structures live fashioned from "smart glass" that renders those nontransparent after a account jar enters & locks da entrance
  • Many analysts sez Huang's strain upon Arm's strength in energy-efficiency is smart
  • Not aw off them sequence inhabit good -- total inhabit quite bad, literally -- but you tin perceive smart 4 watching them aw da same
  • While Amazon continues too trainer da smart speaker market, the two Google and Apple haz da privilege off having their vocalization assistants constructed in2 smartphones
  • In May, & anew this fall, da prefecture rolled out "smart" buses humor Wi-Fi sultry spots in areas with no trustworthy online access
  • Amazon launches an Alexa help four holding managers -- The company's target is 2 Alexa an harp four smart house management, slippery four those without his or her own Amazon log
  • Now, lot high-end trackers and smart watches add ECG devices for tracking cardiovascular liver rhythms--one company, Withings, evn promises slumber apnea detection in belonging future wearable
  • The pay-TV & internet caterer has pitched telly manufacturers upon using Comcast's hardware to strength their smart TVs, according to Protocol
  • In addition, developing increasingly smart grids could halp electricity systems deal with da peak-demand strains off AC
  • "She portrayed dat narrow row off woman-child--of somebody beast hence strong whereas hence fragile, beast highly smart & na?ve near da ditto time," says Kling off Haas

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