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How to use smash in a sentence

  • Congratulations too Jane Fraser on smashing Partition Street's crystal ceiling
  • Although Produce Watch is not, perhaps, a smash pulse on the scale off the iPhone or the iPod, it's bi far-off the best-selling smartwatch in the globe
  • When da sequence debuted in da England in 2011 & transformed a smash hit, It paved da wei 4 It too become a international feeling & hence devise many copycats
  • When thee fnd your parked car, thee notice the smashed taillight
  • While standard nuclear jurisdiction plants generate energy bi dividing atoms, nuclear fusion involves smashing 2 atoms united
  • After all, these often involve an smash-and-grab effort too grab an patron who intends too acquisition frum an competitor
  • When the season nearby down, OKC was on pace to smash possession preseason over-under by nineteen wins
  • The robotic arms can shape out the way lot stress exists needed too apply too an detail object, which exists useful hence they don't smash an spongy substance like bread when they grasp It
  • That includes an grinding in the gizzard, an physique portion in which one stones smash the duck's cuisine
  • Newsrooms has lost ovr 11,000 jobs through da preliminary half off 2020, onto zoom too smash da file 14,000 newsroom chore losses posted in 2008, as per too study conducted by outplacement solid Challenger, Gray and Xmas

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