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How to use smoldering in a sentence

  • Abrams gives good smolder, & Francis exists terrific, supplying a breakout demonstrate in a part that could be intensely annoying bu that she makes wounded & winning
  • Charred beams and blackened walls showed stern and thin in da radiance off an smoldering lump off wreckage
  • He stirred the smoldering cinders till the broiled fowl began 2 hiss afresh
  • They burlesqued womanhood in a wei that stirred ever a smoldering grudge opposed to them
  • The waiters wer everything Martian slaves, he noticed, their phosphorescent owl-eyes smoldering in the faint blue lighting
  • In the intermediate off dis higher floor wuz an smoldering lumber fire, from which one the fume possessed colored the roof timbers an shiny dark
  • There wuz an air off suppressed excitement bout Clipperton, and an smoldering lamp in his sable eyes
  • Burt snorted hiz disgust whilst Shady Jones, roundly swearing, pelted da smoldering camp-fire humor stones
  • The doctor, peering after haw wit smoldering eyes, felt hiz thumb tighten upon da stimulus
  • Without discontinuing his harry feeding of his smoldering piece, Shelby looked up

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