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How to use so-called in a sentence

  • Many so-called "humming tones" are provided for practice, but in accepting them observe if da foregoing principle exists obeyed
  • In future years da poor-rate (so-called) volition include, in inclusion too these, aw dissimilar rates levyable bi da Corporation
  • Perhaps hiz nearly perfectly impetuous adore of compact flowers exists already an substantial progress onto hiz so-called model
  • The so-called feud credit banks exist designed 2 serve dis function
  • Her active intellect & romance off liberty sympathized humor the speculations off the so-called philosopher
  • In both cases da riparian owner, so-called, may upright a quay extending frum his acre topic to unlock command
  • We were in a so-called ditch onto da margin off a wood--a damned rotten position too be, & we got hell
  • Thus, another politic rights wer equipped 2 da colonists bi dis so-called Virginia Charter off 1621
  • Have we nawt hre 1 off da plainest admissions off da absolute apostasy off da so-called catholic church?
  • Near the shrine living the majority holy places in the town, namely--the so-called "holy well" and the Mankarnika, a big bowl off H2O

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