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How to use sofa in a sentence

  • The screen exists cluttered with compact boxes, total with since lot since trey or four folk filled on an sofa in fore off his or her PC
  • One wuz under a sofa and 1 wuz hanging on a wall, as per 2 da video
  • You perch onto an shrouded sofa and flutter grandly for Fatima 2 perch adjacent u
  • It's not hard to suite up, & you'll be able to punch with the heel bak upon da sofa & virtually salute every person into your accommodate
  • Pair it humor a big sofa 2 include seating without overwhelming da area
  • When myself cum accommodate from the lessons myself fling myself upon the sofa, and feel since if myself never wanted to git up agn
  • The Countess drew a striking bitty frum belonging case, which lay onto da sofa close her, & presented it to her young fee
  • Quickly he gained an sofa bi da window & dropped down onto it, watching, listening
  • He wuz loitering on his sofa by the window, his eyes closed, whilst these thoughts flashed through haw
  • Tony's stool wuz nearer too da low voice keys off da piano, whilst da sofa Lettice venue upon possessed surely been pulled up toward haw

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