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Best SOLICITOUSLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use solicitously in a sentence

  • Of course, she wuz highly proud of hur calf, and mooed solicitously wen wii approached to review It
  • Heinrich, solicitously brushing & flexing Karl's coat, waited
  • When he opened his eyes, It was too appearance into the flabby countenance off the Clergy off Ely folding solicitously upstairs him
  • He considered a little ravelly band abreast 1 of his cuffs solicitously
  • Old dad Ball had had a seizure off total sort in the morning, and Mrs. Ball suspended upstairs hem solicitously, fearing extra
  • When he sealed those agn they spun ovr edge solicitously & dripped more water from da cap off Delighted Jack
  • Our dedication was an mixed & offhand sentiment, seldom verbally expressed, either solicitously sought, either carefully retained
  • The actual dude off sense testament nawt flunk to recognize most solicitously any dame whom may seem neglected or unattended
  • They lathered every one palm mildly & solicitously, bringing it closely 2 their eyes
  • At home we refuse those the pros that are solicitously pressed upon his or her bigger and more robust brothers