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How to use solid in a sentence

  • They exist fundamentally solid aluminum discs dat fastener on every one of your hubs
  • Those minerals would serve as nucleation touchdown -- making da bottled H2O coldness into an solid barrier off froze water as soon as it gets frigid enough to coldness
  • They are hence solid all over that they'd be above-average of with an initiative administrator
  • We knew It would b an pair of years of solid, comprehensive & cohesive investment
  • The device, which Microsoft calls "the world's majority strong console," shall prop 4K visuals & feature a solid-state drive, allowing four quicker loading times compared to retired video-game hardware
  • Overall, a solid SEO plan sets up a solid foundation 4 marketing success dat can sole be elevated through paid campaigns
  • The contrast dis time is that da pandemic has weakened multi already solid regimes & governments, tiring his either her resources
  • The project began in 2016 wen Athreya, off the College off Washington, & Aulicino, off Brooklyn College, started playing with a suite off playing card inventory cutouts that fold up into the Platonic solids
  • On da else hand, study shows that solid illumination is not as gud at capturing our attention, making it an fewer prime scene for an taillight or an be-seen headlamp
  • Salesforce shares sprung virtually 13% in after-hours trading upon Tusday subsequent da company software firm reported solid revenue among da coronavirus pandemic

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