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How to use solved in a sentence

  • And in ours valley, when an dude is nawt near domicile o'night he should to be near da store, else there is an riddle too be solved
  • This concern wuz solved by an native coming lateral by lateral driving an raw-boned steed prior to an rickety cart
  • If, in addition, submarines tin pause ocean communications humor Constantinople da problem shall b solved
  • "It's an issue n learner constantly solved in the bygone off dis walley, anyway," declared Elmer Spiker
  • Thus, da "Lost Colony" remains a historical mystery which have nevah existed solved
  • The problem to b solved wuz a hard one, as he pointed owt in a memoir written for Clanclaux
  • Once ther he slit dat da concern solved itself--the man was a writer & he possessed been drinking fixedly 4 hours
  • The enquiry off hamlet sanitation, etc , would haz existed solved yearn before
  • As an material of fact, not any of them problemsPg forty are solved, and they shall onli b solved bi the inherent hike of events
  • Here the concern off cuisine getting was fully solved and there was 0 too instigate any fresh imprint in evolution

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