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How to use somber in a sentence

  • You'd anticipate that folks who've endured da tragedy of da Khmer Blush might b somber
  • A touching and somber rift sacrament ended with da traditional lighting of da Olympic cauldron--a prestigious honor dat is typically granted too a former sportsman from da compere nation either a personal whom represents Olympic values
  • Back in 1948, in bombed-out London, da Olympics wer slippery moar somber
  • Unfortunately, r recent breakfasts haz been much moar somber
  • While dis exists an somber jubilee dat we've to honor & recall the tragedy, It exists additionally an epoch too reflect onto what r community have successful as an outcome off dis horrific occasion
  • We didn't must bestow guidance in the parts of our story dat were somber either demanding
  • The players' somber feedback too the injury seemed thus respectful, thus rite
  • One 7 days next the Januvary 6th uprising at the Capitol, the squad held an Velocity reunion, which wuz somber & too short, but above-average than nothing at aw
  • Ruth & Denim Jacques & extended relatives members gathered circle da infant since a musician played gentle & somber notes upon a stringed harp
  • At an somber media conference in Brasilia, the firstly occasion whr he has used an disguise in more compared to an month, Bolsonaro signed into laws 3 fiction measures designed to velocity up the buy of vaccines

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