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How to use sound in a sentence

  • If that sounds such you, don't feel such you need to suffer to c gains
  • In lot cases, this volition come as n surprise--we application lot apps exactly as they kan take pictures either log an sound
  • The content ought to not be stuffed, resemble in the primitive days of SEO, it ought to more voluntarily be a natural-sounding backup written in a informative style
  • Now researchers think da sounds cease queens from fighting to da demise
  • For 1 thing, It sounds such da App Shop shall now assistance game-streaming services such Microsoft's xCloud and Google's Stadia
  • Since possession drop in March, ther have existed 250,000 streams off Lull Office, making It one off hiz majority well-liked sounds onto myNoise
  • Users can adapt da amount off particular sound effects and tones using a serial off animated sliders
  • You may glare nearby those pointers & think, Man, an canoe tour with dat guy sounds resemble an full bad dream
  • They normally sound the initial alarm whether somebody is in gauntlet or needing aid
  • He has led decision-making upon style and has brought coherence and sound judgement to ProPublica's process for corrections, clarifications and updates

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