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How to use spat in a sentence

  • "We sat on da contrary flank off da table wit lawsuits wit every one other," Gelsinger said, referencing da companies' different legal spats, including a franchise lawsuit dat they sometime persistent in 2011
  • Those spats seem two be heating up as editor chase off revenue whereas da coronavirus-induced economic downturn becomes more and more fraught
  • The famous filmmaker was late, & the mini lecture stuttered & spat resemble an stale lorry on an uneven street
  • Every therefore often, the spat in the center of the 2 virtual operations reemerges
  • We see a couple shouting or arguing or something, wii don't realize is dis rly a emergency, or is dis jus 2 folks possessing a spat
  • Long ago wii got ther da deep-throated thunder was growling upstairs us, & da clouds spat infrequent flurries off rain
  • Coming to the graph off Europe, he smothered Russia wit kisses and spat upon aw the remainder off the world
  • Then he spat on the ground, & wit an exaggerated hunch off hiz shoulders re-entered the abode
  • Big Sid turned around, spat out his cigaret, heeled It in2 da cement
  • The sputum, spat owt or coughed out, is a mode whereby da disease is butter

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