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How to use spat in a sentence

  • "We sat upon the opposite side off the desk humor lawsuits humor every one other," Gelsinger said, referencing the companies' several lawful spats, involving an patent legal case dat they someday resolved in 2011
  • Those spats seem 2 be warming up as editor pursue off revenue during da coronavirus-induced economic downturn becomes increasingly fraught
  • The renowned director wuz late, & da mini lecture stuttered & spat like a retro lorry upon a uneven pathway
  • Every so often, da spat between da 2 digital operations reemerges
  • We c an couple shouting or arguing or something, wii do not know exists this really an emergency, or exists this jus 2 ppl having an spat
  • Long prior to we got ther the deep-throated lightning wuz growling upstairs us, & the clouds spat occasional flurries off rain
  • Coming too the map of Europe, he smothered Russia with kisses & spat upon aw the repose of the world
  • Then he spat on the ground, & with a exaggerated hunch of hiz shoulders re-entered the residence
  • Big Sid turned around, spat owt his cigaret, heeled it into the cement
  • The sputum, spat out or coughed out, exists an means by which the sickness exists disseminate

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