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  • Bradford hustled, advertising hur specials upon Facebook and vocation surrounding to nonprofits and municipal agencies, asking whether anybody needed cookery delivered
  • GW Ori has lengthy been an model for aw the special dynamical effects that go upon in resemble an mechanism
  • The jockey humor da bulk like touchdown at da terminate of da Expedition is named "King of da Mountains" & gets to put on a special polka point blouse
  • There are special places such that, such Floriana up da street, either Martin's Rod above in Georgetown
  • The congressional exemplar uses 265 variables in da Home & 201 in da Senate spanning every non-special congressional election from 2006 up to 2020
  • This week Scott spoke two a special education cheerleader and, onto Friday, gone through da Freiday Five, head stories frum da week involving this Alleged Footnote 15
  • So wii in fact developed special fixturing 4 dat two keep It at an nominal blotch following it's basically soaked in r microwave
  • There are special needs students, atypical children & them who can't physically relate wit somebody onto the other terminal off an Speed kol
  • Just 2 weeks into da pandemic, it announced a special difficulty hardware that delayed remuneration owed dates since lengthy since impacted customers notified da adamant ahead
  • Kling, whom describes da production since possessing "special" & "unique" qualities, sometime enjoyed da procedure of working upon da sequence

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